Re-Humanizing Customer Care in a Connected World 

In an environment where stellar service has become an expectation rather than a delightful surprise, you must develop a new way to make a positive impact on your customer.

The relationship between businesses and their customers have fundamentally changed. Customer Service Organizations are evolving at such a fast pace to keep up with the unprecedented advancement of personal consumer development and digital delivery of products and services.

These new realities are re-shaping the way companies are developing their business models and employees to proactively anticipate customer needs, seek solutions to problems before they even exist and ultimately exceed customer expectations. The contact center and its employees are uniquely positioned to be an integral part of the business, helping to inform on overall customer experience strategy and transforming from a support operation to a valued partner and strategic customer experience asset. 

Our leaders will share real experiences and strategies to arm you with the tools and insight needed to push the envelope on traditional service. 

  • Evolve contact centers into customer engagement hubs 
  • Drive predictive customer experiences with big data technology 
  • Engage customers in a mobile, digital world
  • Discuss the changing talent requirements for delivering an omnichannel customer experience  
  • Beat customer survey fatigue by minimizing customer effort and maximizing the experience
  • Utilize journey mapping as a tool in continuous improvement 
  • Develop your top advocates to achieve a concierge customer service organization 
  • Dissolve differences in global cultures while ensuring satisfactory customer service 
  • Become indispensable through your VOC Program 
  • Transform the contact center into a revenue generating hub
  • Modernize the traditional outsourcing model  
  • Drive integrated employee and customer engagement 

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